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Consultancy Service

We accompany you from the furniture design to the construction, until the complete renewal of your beloved furniture or the birth of your dream furniture!

During the design phase, we help you identify the comfort and practical aspects of the furniture’s intended use.

Based of the idea we make recommendations on the optimal design of the furniture, taking ergonomics into account.

We will also help you choose the colour and material of the upholstery that will satisfy your vision.

In the case of upholstered furniture renovation, we will assess the exact fabric requirements and advise you on the appropriate surface treatments.

The furniture design and furniture making is carried out in consultation with you, with clear and precise objectives.

The furniture refurbishing and furniture making will start based on your agreed plans!

The selection and sourcing of the necessary wood and upholstery materials, as well as the carpentry and upholstery work, will begin once the plans have been finalised.

The consultancy service is always free of charge once a contract has been signed!

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