Fekete István

My name is István Fekete,
I am a Master Upholsterer.

Get to know me and let's work together on your ideas!

Our interior design styles have been writing their own history for centuries, providing me a source of inspiration that motivates me to continuously innovation in all areas of my work.

I like using new or even experimental techniques, unusual materials and unconventional solutions, and even after more than 30 years of professional experience, I still look for opportunities to learn about them.

I often see the Biedermeier style of the early 1800’s still influencing contemporary interior designs.

The slightly more modest, early 18th-century rural English furniture has become an integral part of the vintage trend that is very much in vogue today. And it’s not uncommon to see Louis XVI armchairs in modern business spaces.

History comes alive and I can experience it with all my senses when I renovate a piece of furniture.

Thus, in addition to customer satisfaction, the most exciting challenge for me was to create harmony between the purpose of the given room and the furniture.

Furniture in our homes is expected to be not only practical but also beautiful. They should also show their owner’s individuality in their colour, materials and patterns. This is why uniqueness, boldness and creative design often come to the fore.

That’s why I also enjoy working with interior designers and decorators; we have completed a lot of successful projects.

It is exciting that upholstery sometimes requires exceptional professional adaptation and presents an unusual situation. The claim that anything can be upholstered has long been a professional fact, but I particularly like challenges.

An old and worn piece of furniture can have serious sentimental value, not all of it is rubbish!

I myself learnt the basics of my profession from experts, who particularly knowledgeable, and somehow understood these objects without words. Because of the skills I gained from them, I absolutely believe in the many chances of such pieces of furniture.

Besides professional experience it is also important to keep our skills and knowledge up to date, to gain new insights and learn modern techniques!

Like everything else, the upholstery is an evolving profession. That’s why I am keen to be present at exhibitions and fairs in Hungary and abroad, to participate in professional forums and keep up with the latest trends.

With my team, we are striving to restore the former prestige of this great profession.


Enjoy the harmony of practicality and comfort in the unique interiors created by our furniture!

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