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Mattress making

We know how important peaceful sleep and quality rest are for your body.

That's why we make mattress to specifically match your bed,

and your needs. We will create a bespoke, super comfortable mattress for you. Choose between our foam and spring mattresses!

Foam mattresses

There are several types of foam mattresses, we make them from cold foam.

The so-called HR (high resilience) cold foam mattresses keep their shape for a long time and have a long lifespan.

They are flexible and adapt to the body shape, making them anatomically comfortable. Once you remove the pressure they quickly return to their original shape. Therefore, they last extremely long.

Spring mattresses

Our spring mattresses are made with Bonnell or pocket spring.

Bonnell mattresses have springs made of steel wires that are coiled to create a massive set of joined crude springs. As the spring is interconnected by metal wire, the entire Bonnell spring is pressured down when laying on top of it. Bonnell spring mattresses are very durable and breathable.

By pocket spring mattress the springs are wrapped in their own separate fabric pocket, allowing each spring to move independently. These mattresses also have excellent breathability.

The mattresses are manufactured after detailed consultation and in-depth understanding of individual needs.

We give you guidance on how to choose the right mattress for you!

All quotations are individually made, based to the customer’s needs!

We offer a 12-month guarantee for all our custom designed and tailor-made mattresses when used for its intended purpose!

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