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Upholstery, reupholstery and furniture refurbishing

Renew your environment; give your favourite furniture a second chance! Welcome your guests in unique interiors, in a modern environment.

We are also trusted for our wealth of experience in vehicle upholstery that gives the interior of your vehicle elegance.

Even an old piece of furniture can be stylish and attractive again!

From reupholstering a sofa set in your home, to refurbishing small and large pieces of furniture, we offer a full service to anyone who wants to give their home, vehicle, office, surgery, salon or catering establishment a new look.

For your furniture, we offer:

  • reupholstery of modern and antique furniture,
  • furniture refurbishing,
  • upholstery of doors,
  • refurbishing of medical and cosmetic furniture
  • reupholstery of massage beds.

We offer upholstery and reupholstery for a range of vehicles:

  • watercraft suitable for passenger transport
  • and means of railway transport,
  • and vintage cars
  • and premium vehicles.

We have a skilled and qualified team to carry out the carpentry work during refurbishment and manufacturing, involving the application of the necessary surface treatments, furniture repairs, gluing and replacing broken armrests, carvings and furniture legs.

All our refurbishment and upholstery work are guaranteed for 12 months in the case of intended usage!

All quotations are individually made, tailored to the customer’s needs!

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