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We will ensure the safe and damage-free transport of the furniture with our own means of transport!

We also offer a delivery service that can collect the furniture from your home or business and return it to you from the workshop!

The completed furniture will be returned in packed condition.

The furniture will be carefully cleaned of any dust, material residues, etc. that may have stuck to them during the work and will be wrapped in layered stretch film. This protects the furniture from possible re-contamination.

We use our own means of transport, which is secured in the load compartment with internal hooks, a special transport quilt and sponges, so that the furniture cannot move during delivery.

The carefully packaged and professionally secured furniture can be transported without damage.

After the contract has been signed, delivery is always free of charge!

In the event of cancellation of the order, a delivery charge will apply, as described in the "How we work" section.

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