Fekete István

How we work

Everything you need to know about working together on a great piece of furniture!

Preliminary quotation

Before arranging a visit to thoroughly examine the furniture we will send you a preliminary quotation by email based on the image of the furniture; For the cost estimate we will need to know its exact dimensions and your vision for a bespoke piece of furniture.

Travel expenses and survey on site

If the preliminary quotation has been accepted, we will arrange a consultation in person, where we can discuss the ideas and assess the condition of the furniture.

Professional advice can only be given if the environment in which the furniture will be kept is known. We can only recommend fabric for the furniture if we are familiar with these details.

Of course, it is also important to get to know the customer personally.

Travel expenses

  • The travel expenses within Budapest is 10,000 HUF
  • Outside Budapest within 50 km 20,000 HUF
  • Beyond 50 km by agreement.

This amount will be deducted from the total amount if an order will be placed.

Contract and deposit

The selected fabric will be ordered and various materials required for the upholstery will be purchased after the contract has been signed, but before the work would begin.

Our mutual commitment will be secured with the payment of the deposit.

Furniture delivery

The furniture will be delivered in accordance with the contractually agreed completion date and stored in my workshop or warehouse until the actual start of the work.

Once the work has been completed, the furniture will be labelled with our own company label, that displays my name and our email address. This will indicate that the furniture was made in our workshop, helping identify the piece when a claim is made under the guarantee. After labeling, the furniture will be returned to the customer within a maximum of 1-2 days.

There is no possibility of further storage, preservation, or warehousing!

Charges will apply if we do need to store the furniture longer.

Storage, additional return transport, preparation and packaging of the furniture for longer periods are at the expense.


The payment term is 8 working days after delivery. We only deviate from this in exceptional cases, and it must be agreed upon between the business and the costumer in the contract.


If used as intended, we offer a 12-month guarantee on all furniture we have refurbished and made.

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