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Dráva Hotel Thermal Resort

Modern upholstery
Handover date

Working in the hotel industry takes a whole person. I am convinced that neither the operations, nor the catering, nor the services can be done without a heart, especially when the season starts. But you have to be prepared for that too, with staff, cleaning, provision of existing and new services, restoration where necessary. And any renewal, even from the background, is a good feeling to be a part of. 

We have refurbished the armchairs in the lobby of the Drava Hotel Thermal Resort. Initially, the armchairs had a light beige colour, but after refurbishing the result was a very cool and cheerful overall look, with colours and just a little touch of nice glamour hidden in the fabric. In order to make them as comfortable as possible, we changed the sponges and covered the seats and backrests with a special thick-woven, aquaclean fabric.

I show you the before and after pictures.


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