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I brought a little something for today, but this little something combines the timeless charm of craftsmanship with nostalgia and retro design.
In our workshop, nestled amidst bolts of fabric and the hum of sewing machines, we recently had the pleasure of restoring a truly remarkable piece - a retro club chair that harkens back to a bygone era.

But what does it mean to be retro? The Latin word 'retro' in itself means something like 'backwards', 'before' or 'back', but defined as a style, it draws inspiration from decades past, particularly the mid-20th century. It's about embracing nostalgia, celebrating iconic patterns and infusing a touch of retro charm into modern spaces. When we refurbished this retro armchair, we not only replaced the sponge, but also slightly strengthened the structure and added decorative studs to accentuate the graceful curves of the armchair. And let me tell you, it's really something special, with its antiqued angry green fabric and uniquely shaped silhouette reminiscent of a fan, making it a charming and cherished focal point in its contemporary surroundings.

A little sentimental, but I can honestly say, that it is the preservation of timeless beauty that gives us the joy that fuels our passion for upholstery. I hope our work inspires others to hold on to the treasures of the past in the present.

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