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Ladies spoon chair from the Victorian-era

Traditional upholstery
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I've written about the Victorian era many times before, (also because of my passion for it). We have discussed the characteristics of the furniture from that period, the materials, their shapes, the decorations and finishes. Thanks to my dear customer, this wonderful period has now been brought to the fore again. This is one more than 150-years-old chair here, waiting for traditional upholstery.

The exact date of the first so-called "spoon back" chair manifactured would be difficult to determine, but it is certain that it originated in England and was very popular in the early/mid Victorian period. The chair is typically recognisable by its spoon-shaped backrest, but its low seat height and lack of armrests also make it easily recognisable. They were usually made of walnut, as my client's was, but there were also versions carved from rosewood and mahogany. Their design depended on the social status of the owner: the rich were privileged to have rich carvings, ornamented with coats of arms, and even the upholstery material was a tell-tale sign.
And speaking of society and rank, let us not forget to mention something else important: these chairs were made especially for ladies. In Victorian Britain, chairs were designed to meet the different social expectations of men and women. 

Chairs for ladies were usually low, with or often without a small armrest. The back of the chair was deliberately slanted outwards, so that the back of the chair would not touch the back of the chair, when the ladies were sitting upright, which was a natural part of decorum. The chairs for men were much wider, with a throne-like design. This reflected not only the physical differences between men and women, but also the social status of women. While 'seating' as such was also a gender issue for the society of the time, nowadays chairs are not designed separately for men and women, most basic pieces now being used equally by both sexes with the same design.

This beauty will be polished and traditionally upholstered in white cowhide leather, decorated with buttons and nails.

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